New Feature in ISM CloudOne Ver6.2i (datasheet)
Extended Security Measures

Auto Security Vulnerability Diagnosis

Diagnoses security vulnerability of client devices with the “security profile” which is updated everyday and indicates security in one of the 5 security levels.

Forcible Windows Updating

Keeps secure Windows client devices to enforce updating Windows critical on client PCs.

Launch Control of Prohibited Software

When user uses a banned application, you can detect who install the app and control launching the app with “the list of prohibited software”.
The list represents a listed software applications that are defined presumably as adverse impacts on your organization’s security. At present, more than 4,600 apps are defined.

Behavior-Based Malware Analysis & Detection (Option)

Monitors unknown malware behavior, working independently from pattern files and protects the devices from zero-day attacks.

Controlling External Media Devices (Option)

Controls an external media such as USB memory, Android and iOS devices, not to leak confidential information. Not only just controlling, but user can copies the data by applying to an administrator from a tool on the desktop.

Logging End Users’ Operations on their Endpoints(Option)

Prevents confidential information leakage or user’s inappropriate activities by collecting user operation logs on PCs.
(Log Type:system/External storage device/File Operation/Web Access/Sent Webmailing/Computer Running Status/Printing/Accesing to Cloud Strage)

Full-Disk Encryption(Option)

Encrypt endpoint HDD including OS, operating systems and user data. Also, ISM CloudOne manages recovery files which need for decryption.

IT Asset Management

HW/SW Listing and Exporting

Discovers all devices(Wins, Macs, Android and iOS) information by collecting hardware and software inventory into a single console.

Software License Management

Manages MS-Office /Adobe application licenses to check their installation in endpoints and how many licenses are left (not installed).

Software/Application Distribution

Distributes applications which your company use anytime and anywhere.
Users don’t have to search the apps on website by themselves. ISM CloudOne manages the apps and deliver them to client devices.

Remote Control

Resolves problems of distant client PCs via the internet and reduce help-desk visits. You can control nearly any desktop remotely to support users anywhere on demand.

Offline Device Management

You can now register and manage the devices not installed ISM client like a mouse, Linux, new pc, pc disconnected from network.
It is possible to relate registerd devices to the hardwear contract information.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

As well as PCs, you can manage smart devices security as below functions.
 ・Auto vulnerability diagnosis
 ・Application Distribution
 ・VPP(Volume Purchase Program)MGMT
 ・Launch Control Application
 ・Detecting Rooted/Jail broken Devices
 ・SD card/Bluetooth Control
 ・Network Connection Control
 ・Set up Stringent Policy

Anti-Theft/Lost Performance

ISM CloudOne prevents from the information leakeage even if user lose a smart devices.
 ・Password Changes
 ・Locating the Client Devices
 ・Remote Lock/Wipe

And more・・!

Multilingual Support: English, Chinese, and Japanese

Multilingual user interface is supported for both administrators and endpoints for global use in English, Chinese, and Japanese. The endpoint user interface is automatically selected depending on the default language set on each operating system.

A Free 30-Day Trial of ISM CloudOne

QualitySoft can offer the free trial of ISM CloudOne for 30 days. If you are interested, please contact us from here and tell us that you want to try ISM CloudOne. Our person in charge will contact you by email to provide you 30-day trial credentials to login to ISMCloudOne Server and other necessary information.

(1) Functions are restricted. (See the below “Functions Available for Trial” for details.)
(2) This free trial allows you to handle up to 10-client endpoints.
Use the free trial of ISM CloudOne at your own risk.

System Requirements

The expected Web-console machine and managed endpoints have to be accessible to the Internet – data are transferable via HTTP and HTTPS protocols.  Refer to the detailed system requirements.

Functions Available for Trial

  • Scanning hardware and software inventory data from endpoints and uploading to ISM Client Server.
  • Generating/displaying a security diagnostic result
  • Generating/displaying reports:
    Computers with applications unpatched
    Computers with no antivirus software
    Computers installed with “banned (prohibited) software”
    Software license gap
    Hardware inventory
    Software inventory
  • Managing mobile devices including Android, iPhone, iPad/iPad2 and the third generation iPad
  • Managing printers
    Note: Forcible application of Windows updates is not workable under the WSUS environment.